Al Ettifaq honors the club's champions

 This evening, Wednesday, the management of Al-Ettifaq Club held a ceremony honoring the club’s champions, in the presence of the club’s president, Eng. Khaled Al-Dabal, his deputy, Hatem Al-Mashal, the CEO, Moaz Al-Ohali, and members of the board of directors, Captain Omar Bakhshwin, and Iyad Al-Baqshi.

The ceremony witnessed a speech by the club’s president, during which he expressed his pride in what the two agreements had accomplished during the past period in various sports fields after participating in the various games in (the Saudi Games), achieving 15 medals in the Olympics, and in the administrative aspect (the governance of the A-class clubs, achieving The full mark in digital transformation), and in the social field (achieving the third place award in the Saudi Federation for Social Responsibility competition).

Al-Dabal said: "I am very happy after the outstanding results achieved by the sons and daughters of the agreement during the last period in all sports, administrative and social fields."

He added, "What happened today is a great qualitative leap. From 3 games 3 years ago, we have 17 games in different games, and one of its fruits is achieving 15 medals in the Saudi Games."

Al-Dabal praised the work of CEO Moaz Al-Ohali and his team, which proved that they are the best work team in the Kingdom after achieving the first place in the governance assessment in the first quarter for category A, indicating that he is confident that the future will be more beautiful.

He also expressed his happiness with the work of the Social Responsibility Department and what they accomplish to serve the community. The distinguished work resulted in achieving the third place award in the competition of the Saudi Federation for Social Responsibility Initiatives.

After that, the club's president and board members honored the heroes, and took souvenir photos with them.

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