Sierra reveals the reason for the failure of his negotiations with Al-Ahly

 Coach Sierra reveals the reason for the failure of his negotiations with Al-Ahly

Chilean Jose Luis Sierra, the previous mentor of Al-Ittihad, Al-Tai, and the ebb and flow Al-Wahda uncovered the justification behind the new disappointment of exchanges for his exchange to Al-Ahly Jeddah, and how he will manage the Knights of Makkah during the momentum sports season.

Sierra said, in explanations to the "Activity with Walid" program: "It is valid, I haggled with Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia, yet the exchanges didn't prevail because of the huge number of business specialists, and all that is reputed is that I requested an enormous aggregate in case of my advancement to the expert association or my prerequisite to remain for one more season after advancement. ...that is false."

He added: "Al-Ahly is a major club, and it will climb to the expert association with any mentor, and I would not prepare Al-Ahly in view of the huge number of specialists, as multiple specialists mediated in the talks, and to stay away from the legally binding issues of the specialists, I chose to dismiss the Saudi Al-Ahly contract."

Concerning Taei's insight and not recharging his agreement with them, he designated: "The experience of Al-Taei considered it strong because of the conditions wherein we resided, as he was in the last spot in the association and they had quite recently climbed to the expert association when I came to prepare him. this open door."

He made sense of: "Two rounds before the finish of the association in its last rendition, I had extraordinary conditions in my nation, and I asked consent from the Al-Tai organization and they permitted me to go, and keeping in mind the club, I would not restore in light of the fact that I was then in a condition of absence of center due to my conditions, so I was straightforward with them despite the fact that the reestablishment offer was perfect, As a mentor, I regarded Al-Taei, and I wouldn't recharge with them since I didn't tackle my concerns in my country that day."

Sierra finished up: "When I got Al-Wahda's proposition, it was concurred in no less than 4 days to agreement, and this is in light of the people who say that I request enormous totals or unimaginable circumstances to exploit the club's circumstances, and I gained from the example of Al-Ahly dealings, so I designated a unique business specialist to finish the solidarity agreement, and I watched the presentation of Solidarity, and I accept that the players can give the best to the group at what it is currently, and I endeavor to further develop the group's exhibition in fact, and I give all that I have and toward the finish of the flow season we will see where we arrive at solidarity."

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